Monday, May 02, 2016

Began the Englishman

As I see it," began the Englishman, "Europe is a sinking ship. It may well be best for England to disembark, while it still can. I think smaller tends to be better when it comes to political frameworks. Right now, in the EU, you have 28 countries beholden to a bunch of politicians in Brussels. But no one government can effectively administer that vast an array of people... languages... economies... cultures...

"That's partly why it's a mess. I mean, you've got Greece, which has basically been suffering a grinding, multi-year depression because they can't maneuver independently of the big powers, those being Germany and France...

"Then there's Italy, Portugal, and Spain. None of them doing too well. If you look at unemployment levels there—particularly among the youth—you could even argue they're in a depression, too.

"What was supposed to be a common project to bring nations together, may well be, at root, pushing them apart again

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