Monday, May 02, 2016

May Bank Holiday

Well May Bank Holiday turned out quite nice especially 

Saturday. I have my caravan at a seasonal pitch in Swalecliffe Nr Whitstable so took my grandchildren down there for the Saturday where they spent most of the day in the Pool. 

I had to  return home, as I was a Referee for a Charity Tug-of-War on the Sunday.  was a day of various stalls, musicians etc. it was organised by Jo Murphy who was raising money for an young girls who has a form of Leukaemia  “ Unite and Fight for Shannon” Fun Day

Whitstable as expected was very busy, a brilliant place to visit.  Plenty of entertainment many Morris men and Morris Women can someone explain why every other person has a dog in some cases more then one? Whitstable has very narrow pavement yet wherever you go you nearly fall over a Dog if they are not walking they are being carried. The Harbour was full and still there were loads of Dogs, is a dog now becoming an added extra for the beautiful people? How can a dog enjoyed being pulled about and trodden on
Where are the Yanks

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