Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Susan EX buys £2500 watch?

My daughter Susan has got divorced from her EX because he cheated on her. Things like that happen but what should happen is the Father should accept his responsibility to look after his two children well not in this case he is a self employed Carpenter and claims he had excessive amount of expenditure and therefor can only pay a little over £50 a week for his two children yet he lives with his sister and recently showed his children a watch he claimed cost £2500. Not only that he will not make a settlement on the house and one occasion told my daughter to sell the house so he can have his 50% and she and the kids should rent a one bedroom flat, now she will be going to court for the matter to be sorted out and she has to employ a barrister. So has my daughter been spiteful NO she still allows him access to the children even when they do not want to go. Thankfully she is in another relationship with a man the children idolise. What the EX doesn't realise he is pushing his children away from him they will grow up with no respect for him this could have been avoided if he done his duty as a father

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