Monday, May 23, 2016

Dirty Pikeys NO

Once again at my Caravan at Swalecliffe my two Grand children George and Poppy love it there spending Saturday with us, getting all crinkly in the pool. Mind you it is not all honey when the kids are there I sleep in the awning. Saturday night there was so much rain it just soaked through the material and I awoke in a wet bed, before you say anything it was rainwater.
On the sight we have some Irish Travellers and of course everyone is saying you have to watch them dirty pikeys. Well sorry to disappoint they were far from dirty the kids although noisy were immaculate clean and well dressed, the Caravans were spotless. These were not hedge bumpers but people with money who travelled for work at present they are doing Block Paving and in couple of weeks they are of to Scandinavia where they work, would I employ them? most probably not. The main man had just brought this beautiful Caravan Tabbert Princess, he claimed it was imported from Germany and cost £34,000 but I think that was a bit of the Irish blarney. It was a lovely caravan 30ft long

For those who live in Swale can you tell me what has happened to the Farmers who used sell lovely fresh asparagus? His farm was on the road to Newnham turn of at the bottom Judd Foley Hill

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