Monday, May 23, 2016

Mark Davies THE TROLL

Mark Davies
This Troll has been following my Blogs for some time and every now again try’s to insult me by writing inaccurate emails below is his latest I quite enjoy his ridiculous inputs because I like a bit of controversy. Yet I have no idea who he/she/it is  He/She/It  dislikes my Blogs so much why does He/She/It  read them?  Does he honestly think being anonymous will make me change my views? I will admit I would liketo put a face to the name any ideas

Sorry to hear about your daughter’s woes but have you never considered the fact that this may be down to the world outlook you hold? 

It is extremely right-wing and violently anti-intellectual and that may have led  her to chose someone who would inevitably treat her badly.  I do hope her children make something of themselves in life, but given that you views are so hostile to education and intellect I would wager that they probably will not make it to university

Your anti-EU stance is economically illiterate and your writings punctuated by the most atrocious grammar and spelling.  Everything is a left-wing / liberal / feminist / transgender conspiracy which is the total opposite of what a free and educated mind espouses.

You may be wrong and your parenting skills have doomed 2 generations to a dismal future

My Reply

I am glad you are reading my blogs. it would be interesting to meet you face to face BUT people who attack you using the internet as a cover very rarely do that. Mind you do have a point about my punctuation and grammar.Do you honestly believe that the only way you can advance in this world is through a University education? I must tell my many friends who have very successful businesses and careers who did not attend University. Now let us hear what you own experiences of life, By the sound of it you are not married most probably do not have children, you most probably work for some Government department and never ever experienced self employment or running a business and resented the fact you never went to University yourself , plus you most probably still live with your parents. So have some courage and let us know who you are. Confession is good for the soul. a little quote for you "A coward is a servant of his fears" 

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