Sunday, May 22, 2016

Migrants sim card

I recently spoke someone who is a supervisor at a company who receives refrigerated lorries from Europe recently a lorry arrived and the staff heard noise from inside. They telephoned the Police who just said let them go, he rightly said No Way they could be armed within 5 minutes after this statement the Police arrived. The illegals immigrants were disembarked and as they did so they took the sim cards from the phone and destroyed the phones. It seems that immigration check the telephones to see who they have been in contact with to capture the People smugglers. I am told this type of thing is happening in Sittingbourne.
What my question is are the Police, Immigration service, even interested in these Illegal Immigrants who have broken the Law in apprehending them? Maybe it is time we all had ID cards so we can prove our identity? Should those who refuse to give proof of their nation of birth be imprisoned till they do?
If we keep having uncontrolled immigration within 30 years statistics tell us that will have 80 million in GB already England is one of the most densely populated in the World at this rate we will be the most populated in the world. The UK do need qualified immigrants to work in this country but we must have controlled immigration not an open border like we have now with the EU

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