Friday, May 06, 2016

Is this a Man

Look at the article about being a real man and that Ridiculous pervert and his thoughts. Photo included. Why is that the Lefties and PC brigade despise Real man and prefer Homosexuals, Transsexuals, Bi-Sexual and Cross Dressers as normal? 

How can You call this a man

Below is article about something called a Transgender Man NOW till until this thing gets a Penis it should be classed as women. Interesting enough Transgender Community has called for better understanding well in my opinion there is no half way measure You are either a Man or Women or do we bring in a half way stage and they become Geezer Bird or a Mush Malt. This group of people represent just 0.01% of the population and like other minority groups like Gays Bi-Sexuals are getting more rights then us Normal People. I would never want them being victimised, But they should not expect extra rights and the best way for them to live a quiet normal life is to not keeping seeking publicity or do they love the limelight

Bring back real men! - This cross-dressing potter chap says chaps need to be LESS masculine. But hasn't the feminisation of men already gone too far

Transgender man who was born a woman is banned from the male changing room at his gym because he still has BREASTS

·       Ali Ramezan has been banned from male changing rooms at Plymouth gym
·       The 27-year-old was born a woman but is undergoing a sex change
·       Bodylines gym said it was 'acting on complaints' from other users 
·       Transgender community has called for greater understanding of issues

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