Sunday, May 22, 2016

Court Case

This coming Tuesday my daughter Susan will going to court to take on her ex cheating husband Anthony Whitby on whether she can stay in her home with her children. His first suggestion was that she sell the house and rent a one bedroom flat for her and his two children (yes his children) so he can have 50% of the equity. He has moved from that situation and now he and his solicitor suggest she sell the house and move to cheap accommodation on the Isle of Sheppey, making his 7 year old son and 11 year old daughter travel every day to Sittingbourne Schools and the mother of the Children also travel to Sittingbourne for her part time job. Susan receives so little from this man she has to work but she struggles to afford a car, which will be essential if forced to move.
I have paid for a Barrister to represent her at court hopefully this issue will be sorted on Tuesday something that could have been done if this man had bothered to compromise on a sensible decision.
So my dilemma is do I go with her as support or do I let Valerie go what do you think?

Martin Clarke

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