Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tankerton Arms

Once again I am at my Caravan at SeaView this weekend we decided to try a Micro Pub. These are pubs that have become popular over the last few years serving local beers and Ciders. The joy with these are there is no TV no Music just the old-fashioned Beer and Conversation. We visited the Tankerton Arms and of course in Tankerton. 

I am not normally a Beer drinker but I had to try the Dark beer Matchlock’ 

A carefully selected blend of four malts, roasted barley and Kentish hops, has produced this exceptional mild beer of the highest quality and character. Rich and dark, this flavoursome beer is to be enjoyed again and again. From the Musket Brewery Maidstone it was lovely. If you have not been into Micro Pub I can highly recommend them

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