Sunday, May 08, 2016

It was a hot weekend

What a weekend this has been if the rest of the Summer is like this I will not be unhappy.  Still at my Caravan. Susan and her kids came to see us also with her boyfriend Brian who brought his son. The Swimming pool had nothing do with them coming down. Met John and his wife Rebecca along with his mate Tim and Helen at Whitstable Beach which was packed with many going for a Swim in the sea who would have thought that a week ago. I do like the Seaveiw Holiday park but the price of some of the mobile homes are far  from cheap the dearest £180,000. On top of that there is electric, gas £5,000 ground rent and after 30 years you have to go, not much of an investment. Val already complaining it is to hot 5 days ago it was to cold

Val Poppy Brian Susan


Beach different view

Like Poppy's tongue

That was cold


Met this strange looking couple

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