Wednesday, May 18, 2016

EU is a Plutocracy

No generation has the right to impose on future generations a system of government that prevents tem deciding their own destiny and allowing them the right to leave any future political arrangements with other countries . If we stay in the EU we will take away from future generations the right to decide theirs and their Countries future

It is common knowledge that the EU is expanding from 28 countries to well over 30 . Already many EU politicians and Commissioners are saying that they are looking forward to creating a Federal Europe a United States of Europe. Initially this USE will be one European Country consisting of all the existing countries but this will only be in the short term. Suggestions have been put forward that using existing country boundaries would  be unfair.  Countries with large populations like GB, France, Germany etc. would have to be split up. So take the United Kingdom would be divided into several regions to represent the population demographic i.e. Scotland, Wales, Ulster. England as Country would no longer exist as it would be divided into 3 parts. Now this may be a step to far but if we stay in the EU we will be guaranteed a European Super State.

Now some may think this is a great idea but it would mean that the vote of the ordinary Brit will have no power, at present every 5 years we can get rid of the people who govern us this can not happen in a European Superstate as GB is just one of 28 countries at present. Just look at the present European Parliament and its MEP’S they are power less.

The Referendum is not just about money it is about Democracy and saving future generations from a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens the name for this a Plutocracy

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