Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No Compromise in Susan bid to keep roof her children's head

My daughter went to court yesterday to sort the mess of the House for her children , which she lives in. Her Ex has been deliberately awkward at one time expecting her to live in a Rented One bedroom flat with her 2 children. So the Court Day arrives and the hope of a compromise.  The Ex wants 50% of the equity and immediate sale or remain on the Mortgage let Susan pay for all Maintenance and Insurance and then sell the house when George is 18 years and receive 50% of equity. Susan went in with Not selling the house and he receives 35% of equity with a possible immediate payoff.
The Judge did not agree with either of them what she did say was that the House does not need to be sold and a way forward would be 40% for the ex and 60% for Susan as she had to keep a roof over the Children’s Head. She then sent them away to negotiate, reminding them that it could cost each one of them £10,000 if they returned to court. Susan told here Barrister to accept the Judges recommendation and inform her Ex’s Barrister. The revised offer from  Ex Anthony Whitby legal team was he would receive 52% and Susan 48% obviously this was unacceptable as I expect the legal team knew, it is in their financial interest to keep the two parties in dispute
Now I have never particularly liked Anthony thought he was a wimp and not a very good father let alone husband but I always thought he was intelligent. Yet I cannot work out his logic when it comes to the House sale ignore all the moral implications of this settlement and just consider the financial ones. The Court was told he has spent £16,000 on legal fees, Susan (Me) costs have been £8,000 I wonder what his solicitor was charging for?  Now if he has to pay a further £10,000 THAT WILL BE A BILL OF £26,000. There is no way he will get 50% of the equity the Judge practical said that when she suggested a 60/40 split but for arguments sake say he got 50%  that would be £50,000 less his outlay of £26,000 leaving him with £24,000. When this all started I offered him a one off payment of £20,000 and most probably gone to £25,000 he refused letting his heart over rule his head.

So I am beginning to wonder whether he is taking the wrong advice from his legal team because they are making money of this fiasco. I am surprised his parents who are nice enough people have not given him advice. Susan will tell her Solicitor to negotiate and hopefully common sense will prevail but bullying tactics will not work and if need be I will pay for to go to court again and if he doesn’t agree on a compromise then we will go again. He will end up with nothing yes it will cost me a lot of money but sometimes you have to stick to your Guns no matter what the cost

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