Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Khan accuses Trump

Sadiq Khan accuses Donald Trump of making the world 'less safe' because of his 'ignorant view of Islam'

Correct me If I am wrong but is it not Muslim terrorists who are slaughtering the innocent? Khan associates with these Islamic radicals and remember he is a Muslim the religion that subjugates Women and Kills Homosexuals. He is a Muslim First and foremost. He will soon be Mayor of the Caliphate of Londonistan. Has Trump killed anyone Does Trump associate with Terrorists?

Yet I listened to Thought for The Day on Radio 4 where a Jewish Female Rabbi spoke of Bradford where Muslims were helping to repair the roof of a synagogue, where Muslim women were attending a Roman Catholic Church to use their kitchen and where the Rabbi was invited to a Muslim household for a meal. Now this real integration, which is led by ordinary people who are prepared to listen and accept each others cultures not Politicians like Khan who has questionable past and future 

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