Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Connies Art Exhibition

My 17 year old Granddaughter Connie has been studying Art and Photography at the Sittingbourne Community College. Yesterday Wednesday she and her fellow Students put  on an Art Exhibition  and I was amazed at what these young people had produced and obviously I was very proud of my Granddaughters work. Plus I was very impressed with the work of all these young people, if this the quality of young people we are producing Great Britain has a great future. Well done all of you.

I have included a few photos of Connie's work I am afraid they do not show the quality and artistic value as thy needed to be seen in the flesh shall we say. 


Dress made from Photographs



Pillow screen print

Collage of Family Photos which were altered you will have to ask Connie what is called 

A Collage on a Fabric Background once again ask Connie to explain what it is and what it represnets 


This i know it is Pottery 

Add caption

Negative view

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