Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cllr Brenda Simpson

Brenda Simpson

On Friday I attended the funeral of Cllr Brenda Simpson, why do I bring this to your attention? Well just opened the newspaper to see all those who won knighthoods and other various gongs, one wonders how many of them are worth what they were given. Knighthoods only go to the rich who seems to buy the award as for OBE’s etc they go to Sports Personalities who have achieved the gong for maybe winning a World Championship, surely that in its self is enough and how has that helped others, what of the 24 year old ex convict drug dealer who now has formed company to help deprived kids. Very commendable but he has only been doing it a few years maybe after 20 years?

I said Brenda got a reasonable Obituary in the paper but why did we have to se her dead before she was honoured, lets look at what she done

At a very young age she lost her husband and had to bring a daughter by herself but this did not stop her succeeding. She won the Kemsley seat in I believe 1988 for the Conservatives, this seat was a very working class seat so should have gone to Labour. She held this seat till she died a remarkable achievement and why because the local electorate new her and respected her but more then that she was a worker. Her life revolved around her job as a councillor and supporting animal charities, that translated meant “A life time helping others”

I served as a Councillor for a while with her and knew how stubborn she could be when fighting for one of her projects s well as being a Councillor she served as the Mayor of Swale, Chairman Swale Conservatives, the list what she has done for the people of Swale is to long to put here. Cllr Brenda Simpson will be missed by those who knew but also those who did not know because she will be a hard act to follow.

I expect she is up there with the Angels forming a committee for Angels rights. Rest in Peace Brenda. God will give you the recognition you richly deserve

Martin Clarke

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