Friday, December 16, 2011

Morrison's who will they employ

Martin Clarke

118 East Street


ME10 4RX

Dear Editor

Can I first congratulate you on responding so quickly with regard to having a local newspaper for Sittingbourne?

My concern is the story about the Morrison store and who they intend employing. When Morrison’s applied for planning of their huge Distribution Centre in Kemsley we were led to believe that part of the planning application was that they guaranteed 80% of the work force would taken from the local community and the only other reason for the employment of foreign labour was that they would come from other depots and had experience. This was met with great joy for the people of Sittingbourne with the prospects of many new jobs being created. I have subsequently found both points untrue, their was nothing in the planning consent about where they got their workforce, something SBC Planning should be ashamed of  and I am told by English workers that staff is over 50% foreign.

With Unemployment among Her Majesties British Subject at there highest levels for 17 years  is Morrison’s going to do the same as they did in their distribution centre employ nearly all foreign nationals? Are the people of Sittingbourne going to be good enough to buy from their supermarket but not good enough to work for them. Foreign national 80% who are Polish are still flocking to this country and being employed and our Government is allowing this

Martin Clarke

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