Sunday, December 18, 2011

Drinks at the Whyman's-Heartbeat-Idiot Clegg

It’s been many years since I have been invited out to Christmas drinks, so it was a pleasant surprise that I, Val and a few other friends were invited to Keith and Wendy Whyman’s house on Saturday for drinks and nibbles. Nibbles turned out to be a full buffet so no one went hungry. The pair has a nice house in Milton Regis what was nice and Christmasee was a nice open fire. The eight of us there were all about the same age, the conversation was not the usual about a new car or holiday it was more about what pain killers we were taking for our Arthritis, mind you when the wine started flowing the conversation altered and up came the subject of “Heartbeat” this was a TV serious of our teenage years. We all started reminiscing, my motorbike and sidecar, card playing on a Sunday after noon, me beating up my little brother (I am sure they have that wrong but mind you little brothers can be a pain), Sunday night pictures, my Dog Bobby jumping into Jaycees moving care and forcing him out. Good day’s mind you Christmas is the time to reminisce, thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

As you can see I am a fanatical Heartbeat fan, it reminded me of my youth and a time where things seemed to be easier. You left School and went straight into Job or apprenticeship and the only foreign language you heard was a Scottish, Irish or Welsh accent. No pregnant school girls, if you got a girl into trouble you married her, marriage was the normal way to live together and there was silly notion that marriage was between a man and women, non married couples living together was classified as living in sin. Men did not father children from a multitude of women, most men considered their duty to support their family and people respected authority. Yet I realise I am seeing my youth through rose tinted glasses but there were many things wrong with 1960’s its just I cannot remember them.

Heartbeat has started from the beginning with Nick Rowan and his wife moving to Aidensfield, these two actors I believe play the part so well you actually feel they are married they have a sparkle about them I have never seen in other actors playing a married couple. It reminds we of my own marriage, the working together , the expectations for the future mind you after 41 years of marriage that still applies, the only difference is I can no longer catch when chasing her round the bedroom, and NO means NO and dancing naked in the rain is completely out of the question.

Can not let you get way without mentioning Politics:

David Cameron was spot on when he talks about restoring Christian values and ethics, Church of England Liberal attitude has helped bring the morality of this country to its knees as for that Libdems fool Nick Clegg who is extremely wealthy, is married with children, and now tells us that marriage is out dated? What are out dated are him and his party. Why in heavens name will Cameron put this nobody in his place. Him and his party are like a committee who were told to event a horse and ended up with a Camel

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