Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Indian for me

Warriors Sombo/Judo Night out was last night at the Leteif Indian Restaurant. Sadly I never did get my meal. The club was booked for 9pm at 9.30pm we still did not have our table ready, so myself and Valerie said enough is enough and walked out.

So why did this happen?

  1. the place was over subscribed
  2. a group of young women booked the tables we were meant to be on for a 6.30pm start so the owner anticipated that they would be finished by 9pm, they did not allow for the fact some never arrived till 7.30pm. This was some sort of works party and it was obvious they were settle in for the night.

I was extremely annoyed as it ruined mine and Valerie’s Christmas night out with the club. The rest stayed and eventually got sat down and finished their meal at 11.30pm.

Valerie and a group of her friends have booked for tonight, she has already warned them there better not be any mistakes tonight.

It is a good Indian but it is highly unlikely that I shall go there again

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