Thursday, December 01, 2011


I was shocked and dismayed when I heard that the East Kent Gazette was closing. Although we live in a fast technical age local news is still best distributed by a local newspaper and everyone read the EKG. I have been writing letters to the paper for over 40 years admittedly not many were printed over the last couple of years but where else can you voice your opinion on local issues? TV and the other Kent newspapers only highlight major’s issues but local people want to know about some of the minor things that happen in the area.

What of Sport? Where will you get the coverage? once again not from local TV and the KM and KOS group rarely put in the progress of local clubs they concentrate on  County Clubs fixtures and minority sports get very little coverage from them. The EKG has supported my Young Judo Club since its inception in 1957, yes 54 years of Judo and part of our success has been the reporting by the EKG on our triumphs and defeats. Could the Swale Martial Arts Club have  started new sections like our Sambo and MMA classes if it wasn’t for the light of publicity given by the EKG NO!

I hope some entrepreneur starts up an equivalent of the EKG as the Town and area needs a local voice. Can I on behalf myself, my family, my club and the people of Sittingbourne thank all the people who have run the EKG for over 100 years and say  WELL DONE you will be missed

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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