Friday, December 09, 2011

Sport On Decline

Read the report below I have been saying for several years the Olympics will be a White Elephant and sports participation is on the decrease. Judo has been on the decline for years but nobody ever admitted it, now they have. Not that those involved did not already know, the one sport to buck the trend is Boxing YES Boxing the sport hated by the left wing, do gooders and health and safety nutters.WHY? In Sittingbourne we have two very succesful clubs, one of the coaches have told me that they had as many as 80 kids in a night! What Martial Arts Club wouldn't want that. Maybe the PC correct way of teaching Martial Arts is failing? Maybe the kids are tougher then we thought. Time I spoke to some Boxing Clubs

The £200m own goal: Fortune spent on promoting sport before the Olympics sees football and swimming slump - but at least ping pong's on the rise!

  • UK's two most popular sports see less participation
  • Only athletics, mountaineering, table tennis and boxing see increased numbers

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