Saturday, December 24, 2011

Is this humour

A song by an Australian comedian which refers to Jesus Christ as a ‘zombie’ and a ‘telepathic vampire’ has been pulled from Jonathan Ross’s Christmas show for fear of upsetting Christians.

Tim Minchin penned the song for his appearance on the chat show, which airs tonight, with lyrics which compare the Virgin Mary to a ’lizard’ and say that Jesus ‘does what Derren Brown does’.

I expect not many of you have heard of this so called Comic, he is one of many so called alternatives Comedian, who rely on swearing, making outrageous statement, making comments about people’s genitalia and generally being crude and rude, their shock humor causing a nervous laugh, of is this right to listen to, in the great majority of normal people. Those who like his humor go to the different so called comedy clubs to listen to him and that is the right place for him and his somewhat perverted audience. Yet should he be on National TV without some sort of warning of the content of his act? Especially as he sees nothing wrong in his jokes and thinks he has the right to insult, not question but insult Billions of people belief. Not only does he think this is comedy but the BBC pay him!

I sat down on Friday night to watch Morecambe and Wise and Tommy Cooper Christmas show, there was not one swear word, not one sex joke, not one joke about bodily functions and these programs were over 30 years old but still popular enough to put on TV. Can you imagine comedians like Tim Minchin and the other alternative comedians being repeated in 30 years time NO thank God.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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