Friday, December 02, 2011

Prayers, India, Clarkson,EU

Today has been interesting in the press, we have British Aid to India has headlines I have been saying the aid programme is corrupt and should be looked at and administered differently I have said this for years. Sorry I told you so “I never wanted the Olympics” and said it was just a way for a few politicians and Bureaucrats to make money and that Dam EU once again proves it is undemocratic it is nothing but a Dictatorship.

The one that made me mad was The prayers before council meetings, here we have yet a very small anti Christian minority trying to affect the way the majority live expect Dawkins and Bailey will be well pleased with this. The little piece below explains but a couple of extra points which were mentioned on Radio 4 this morning

1)      The council had a vote on the matter and the majority voted on keeping prayers . NSS this is called Democracy

2)      Only one atheist in the Council complained

3)       Prayers are said at the beginning of council before attendance is registered. So do not like prayers do not go

4)      Who is paying for this court hearing and where do they get their money?

5)      There is something perverse about the NSS and its members when they want to outlaw such a harmless action

6)      How does prayers effect the way the council is run and does it harm anyone?

High Court bid over council prayers

The long tradition of prayers being said before local council meetings is to come under challenge at the High Court.

The National Secular Society (NSS) is arguing that the religious ritual is "inappropriate" in what should be "a secular environment concerned with civic business".

NSS president Terry Sanderson said that, in a multi-faith society, the practice was leading to a worrying "potential for conflict".

A survey of local authorities showed that the majority of them include prayers as part of the council meeting agenda


Had a row over this with the better half she seemed to think that saying shoot the strikers was OK but what was wrong was when he said in front of the family. Surely no one in their right mind believed he meant it, it was a joke a funny one at that. Mind you hardly worth saying a the strike was a damp squid at least the shops gained by it


His latest programme is hilarious

How India squanders British aid: We give £1.4bn to a country that has its own space programme. In this damning investigation, the Mail reveals how it's scandalously wasted

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Woman takes up MEP post despite not a single vote being cast for her

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