Thursday, December 22, 2011

Muttom dressed as Lamb-Designer Kids

The wife Valerie went out for her Annual Christmas meal with a group of friends, they went to a restaurant where they had entertainment, a tribute singer. Everything was going well until a band of drunken louts who were also in the restaurant started to dance banging into people, trying to man handle the singer and smashing bottles of wine. With the eventual consequence the entertainment finished before time. Why do these people pick this time of year to ruin every ones fun and why didn’t the manager throw the trouble maker out?

These drunken louts by the way were women in their forties and one who was in her sixties who tried to dress like a twenty year old. You can just imagine her in long jumper with belt holding her massive midriff, high heels, face and body frazzled by excessive smoking and alcohol abuse a disgusting site. She should have had a warning sign on her “Beware in Danger of Collapse” or “ Danger Polluted Area”

Working parents spend an average of just 36 minutes a day with their children, a survey has found

When I was about 12 years of age my mother went to work teaching Judo in School most of the time she left for work after my brother and I had gone to school and returned before we came home. The local mothers thought this was disgusting, what would they thought of this survey. They would be fully justified in being disgusted with these people who have children as designer objects.

Before you ask I had a great Childhood and two brilliant parents, I have to use another excuse to explain what I am like Ha Ha.

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