Monday, December 12, 2011

Well done Cam and letter from Gordon

Well Done for once you have done something to protect the interest of GB as expected all those weakling Europhiles, Ken Clarke, Michael Hessaltine, Paddy Get Your Pants down are telling us what a disaster it was and it could lead to the UK leaving the EU and this would be a disaster, these were the same type of people before WW2 telling Churchill to negotiate with Hitler they quislings.
Just imagine leaving the EU and becoming Independent from the EU and its laws and regulations, imagine we would no longer be part of the schengen agreement
where we had to by law allow EU workers into the country we could once again control our own borders. We could trade properly with India, China and Brazil and the money we would save not paying into the EU. Remember in all the whole time we have been in the EU we have always put in more the we got back

Will this happen I doubt it as all the Time we have the Libdems in the coalition Cam will have to back down. Yes for once he has let them know they are a third rate party BUT I bet he has already a plan to sneak back into the EU

Both Germany and France have tried to conquer Europe and lost every time to us Brits, that is why they want us to tow the line so the EU can be become a FrancoPrussin empire

The Editor

Sittingbourne News Extra

Dear Sir

Following the closure of the East Kent Gazette I would like to congratulate the Sittingbourne News Extra for the speed with which it stepped in to ensure that local people continue to have access to a newspaper providing the type of coverage that national newspapers cannot provide.

In the penultimate edition of the EKG there was a letter from my predecessor, Derek Wyatt, however, my response was never published. I would be grateful if you would rectify that omission on their behalf.

Mr Wyatt accused me of rarely speaking or tabling questions in Parliament. As it happens, since being elected 18 months ago I have spoken in 63 debates, voted in 90% of debates and rebelled against the Government on 19 occasions, which I hope shows that at least I have an independent mind and am not just another party hack!

In the same period I tabled at least 69 parliamentary questions. I appreciate this is less than some other MPs, but I prefer to write personally to ministers if I have a query; a strategy far more effective in getting a proper response.

In addition, I have written regularly to education ministers pressing the need for investment in Sittingbourne’s schools and I will continue to fight their cause without the need to continually blow my own trumpet in public.

With regards to the Northern and Southern Relief Roads; on this I have been consistent. I have always supported the concept of both roads, because I feel they would end the traffic misery faced by people living and working in the Sittingbourne area.

Recently I invited the transport minister, Mike Penning, to visit my constituency at which time I was able to brief him on the challenges facing Sittingbourne’s roads infrastructure, including the NRR, the SRR and the various problems on the A249. It was a stake in the ground for when the current economic crisis is over as the Government is able to spend more on our roads.

Finally, can I assure your readers that although I might not always be as visible as my predecessor, with the help of my very able staff, I am working quietly behind the scenes on behalf of my constituents.

Yours sincerely



Sittingbourne and Sheppey

House of Commons



Telephone: 0207 219 7144

Constituency Office:

Unit 10 Periwinkle Court


ME10 2JZ

Telephone: 01795 423199

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