Saturday, December 31, 2011

Will there be a UK revolution

The specter of 1932: How a loss of faith in politicians and democracy could make 2012 the most frightening year in living memory

The article below maybe sensational but a lot of it is true, a European Union Dictatorship for a non elected government on member countries, refusal to realise the Euro is finished and being seen as one of the most corrupt organizations in the World.

What of our own Country we have Government and Opposition that has lost all contact with reality

More people in prison than ever before, Instead of saying something is wrong with society WHY? They just look at the financial cost and Ken Clark makes sentences shorter so they come back and do more. NO make punishment harder build more prisons, bring in Prison ships and make society see that if you break the law you will be punished severely and let’s stop making excuses for criminal behavior. TOUGH LOVE! When I was about 12 years old my mother made a big thing about Easter hiding the eggs etc it was one of the highlights of the years but I got caught stealing 2/- from her purse so Easter was cancelled. That was devastating for a 12 year old and my mother years later said that hurt her more BUT I never stole again. PUNISHMENT does work

1 in 4 on benefit is criminals! What is surprising about that, surely they do not expect a criminal to work that why they steal because they are too lazy to work. The long time unemployed or should I say those that refuse to work should be put on food stamps NO more cash, anyone who is on food stamps found smoking, drinking alcohol or Driving a car should be asked where did you get the money for these non food stamps items?

We have millions unemployed yet the government still allows immigrants legal and illegal into the country. Why greed of Farmers and employers who want cheap labour working 72 hours a week, a labour force they no longer have to train. I do not listen to those who say Brits will not do the Job or they are too lazy, What they mean is we will not pay a living wage to a British work force who 25 years ago could work a 40 hour week for a living wage. Does the government get anything out of this NO as most are on the Black working illegally or return to their home every 6 months so they do not pay Tax and NI but they have free use of all of our National Health services

This government promised us:

 Law and Order failed

End to Human Rights Act Failed

Curb immigration Failed

Bring back employment Failed

Curb Government Bureaucracy Failed

Referendum on EU Failed

Curb PC dictates’ Failed

I could go on, this country needs a leader who understands the people, not a poodle who lets his tail wag him.

Maybe time for a British uprising and Happy New Yaer

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