Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do Not Get Old R.I.P. Carl Davies

Families betrayed over care homes funding: Reforms that would let elderly keep their homes are shelved for a decade

  • Health Secretary

How can this be fair, some of us have worked hard to get money together and property, we also have paid in a lot with National Insurance note the word Insurance because we have done this we could be penalised. Those who have squandered their money away are not penalised what that tells you about being a responsible citizen. On top of this the Libdems want to increase Council Tax if you have unused rooms, not just for rented accommodation but owner accommodation. My mother, God rest her, moved into her new Council house in 1952 she brought up her family their and nothing but happy memories and her Garden became her life. In the 1980’s they bought the house by the time she was in her 60’s she was by herself but the one thing that kept her happy was the love of her house. Can you imagine her being forced into a small flat with no garden?

If you want more living accommodation firstly get rid of all the immigrants, second look at deserted factories and what about deserted town centre’s everyone is complaining about

Funeral held for 'murdered' ex-marine Carl Davies

I knew Carl as a lodger and friend of my son John; he was also a member of my brothers Nobbys Gym so I talked to him on occasions. He was a typical ex marine a bit nutty on occasions but became very good at teaching young people. He served his country in Iraq putting his life at risk because his country asked him to. I just hope our country treats his memory with respect and finds out who murdered him.

CARL God be with you and rest in peace

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