Monday, December 12, 2011

Bruge Christmas Market What a price

I took Valerie to the Bruges Christmas Market last weekend, which after seeing the Dortmund Christmas market was a bit of a disappointment but the City itself was great, it is surprising how many violent conflicts it has had yet the buildings still survived. The Market had nearly all woollen scarves hats etc, plus food stall and beer stalls but unlike Germany there was no entertainment and everything was in plastic mugs but still a nice weekend away.  What surprised me was the prices ludicrous not just on the stalls but in the restaurants. Having to eat out all the time became expensive, our last meal consisted of 3 beers, 2 fish soups, Chicken Curry and cooked Rabbit total £80, Hotel two nights £260 (was even that great) Tunnel £130 at least the diesel was slightly cheaper at £1.32p a litre petrol was £1.45p. Yet in GB it is the other way round why? Obviously we had to visit the City Europe Shopping Centre in Calais and nearly everything was dearer then Sainsbury, soon the French will be shopping in GB. The Booze cruise is a complete waste of time. I worked it out the weekend cost me about £600, there is not such thing as a cheap weekend away so Sausage and Mash for Christmas dinner and glass of home made wine

I think you have to agree it has not been that cold as yet; in fact my brother and son John are still wearing shorts. So what is this craze of wearing heavy winter coats with scarves, plus those silly hats pulled over your ears, worse still is those Tibetan style hats which makes you look like deputy dog. Oh I forgot the funny sheep skinned lined boots, even one of the waitresses was wearing a scarf while serving and they all wear them in a poofy manor Double up and pushed through the loop. Just wait it really get cold!

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