Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who Liked Lapland and Body Guard?

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Now look at photo I do not see many Brits do you

Papers are full of condemnation of the TV programme Lapland and the Bodyguard will admit Body Guard did not live up to its hype but I thought that Lapland was nice gentle piece of filming with a special Christmas theme. It seems that people want violence, bad language, sex dysfunctional families.

The plot for Lapland should have been started Father punches tour guide breaking her neck he is put in Jail, on arrival at Lapland change hotels as the other one was bombed by Reindeer fanatics. The new hotel is used by swingers who are seen all over the hotel have sex, the sister in laws admit they are lesbian and the kids are seen smoking dope which is shared with the father, The visit to Santa's grotto is fraught with danger because Santa is a paedophile but an under cover elf has got the goods on him. Yet this does not stop the terrorist group SACK (Santa a Common  Fake) blowing up the grotto with every one in it. Final Shot Coach driving away empty with the driver smiling through his white beard eating a piece of venison with bits falling on his red suit.

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