Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TAX Fiddlers and come the revolution

Quite a bit in the papers which make a good comment but the three below are very much linked

Big firms let off £25BILLION in taxes: As families are chased for every penny, corporate giants dodge their massive bills
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Cost of biggest ever banking shake-up 'will fall on the customers'
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Frugal spinster, 58, who saved £22,000 nest egg from her benefits for her old age has to pay it all back, plus another £6,000
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If you read the first two articles it proves that there is one rule for the rich and one for the rest of us a MODERN DAY FEUDAL  SYSTEM and we the general public are the serfs. Once again those civil servants who are given jobs are not fit for purpose, how many of these Civil Servant Mandarins are in the pay of these big companies and Banks? The Banks are told they are incompetent and are responsible for the debt crisis. There whole industry is to be reformed yet they do not foot the bill we the customer do. The EU continues to look after its political elite along with all their incompetent Civil Servants and people like those idiots Nick Clegg, Michael Heseltine tell us the EU is good for us NO good for them and all ex ministers who eventually get on the EU gravy train.

While this is all happening what does this and previous government do “fiddle while the UK burns” you will not see any of them begging or being thrown out of homes.

After reading this you might think I would side with the women with her £22,000 nest egg well your wrong ! Unemployment benefit and all other benefits are their to keep you a live, not for you to save and I do not believe she could have saved that amount of money while on benefit but if she is prosecuted why aren’t the mega rich?

The recorder told her: 'On the face of it, this is yet another benefit fraud in a large sum of money. I accept that you have problems with mental health, but I don't accept that you didn't know what you were doing.'

He said people who accepted benefits they did not need were depriving needier people.

When will the British people realise there is no Democracy in the UK as our MP’s, Governments, local councils and EU listen to the people. Voting a representative in every now and then is not democracy, we should look at the Swiss on major issues affecting the people whether it is national or local they have referendums a real voice a real say. If not soon or later you will get insurrection first will be civil disorder followed by violence and then urban terrorist. Will not happen in the UK what about the IRA and a few centuries ago we had Watt Tyler and do forget Oliver Cromwell ,

Strict new mortgage rules will make it harder for thousands to free up cash from their homes

These article makes perfect sense when I bought my first house I bought it to live in, since then people have bought property as a business investment and then moan because the value goes down. Business is not always profit something I have learnt from experience of being in business

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