Saturday, December 17, 2011

Susan Kids at RC School

My daughter Susan has carried on my Roman Catholic Faith by getting married in a RC Church (sorry to say the B**stard has left her and her kids for another women) and sending her children to a RC School. My father had a bad time as a child in a RC School so I and my brother never went to one. In the 1960’s it did not seem to matter that much as all schools taught the Christian Faith and us Catholics had a Priest come in each morning to teach us our Catechism, if we wanted to we could opt out of RE lessons , something I never did.

Things have changed since then my 3 other grandchildren go to non denomination Schools where they put give equal time to Christianity as Islamism, Judaism, Sikhism and Hinduism, although I think they should spend the majority of time learning about Christianity, I also think it does no harm learning about the others. Especially as these main religions have a lot in common. What disturbs me is that time is given to Atheism and the teaching of Richard Dawkins; his followers like Prof Richard Bailey refer to my belief in God as Martin with his invisible friend. This was meant as insult but when you think about it, there is truth in what he said. Another quasi religious theme is the teaching of Homosexuality in schools as it was a normal, when according to government statistics only 1.5% admits to having this sexual deviance. My grandson Harry last year had no idea what the real reason of Christmas was I had to tell him, his school had just finished teaching him about Islam.

Yet my granddaughter Poppy age 7 is having a great education St Peter’s RC School, most importantly she is being taught a set of Moral and ethical values.

Before you ask NO I do not go to Mass on a regularly basis but I still believe

You will see a little film clip of Susan’s son  George at the RC Playschool acting as Joseph in the Nativity play

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