Wednesday, January 08, 2014

18 year old thinks I am homophobic

As most of you know I do not use swear words in my Blog, because of various developments I have been reading quite lot of Facebook and cannot believe the amount of swear words used. I thought that some of the more intelligent people would refrain from this type of thing on the contrary I looked at a Primary School Teachers Facebook and saw loads of swear words. One wonders why kids swear so much when the teachers use it.

I am always surprised to find out who reads my blogs once again trawling through Facebook I found an 18 year old University student obsessed with my Blogs on Gay issues so to appease him I will bring up the Evander Holyfield discussion on Gay people on that ridiculous Channel 5 programme Big Brother. NO I did not watch it but heard the report on several Radio stations, something was said about having more Gay people in some aspect of life. He replied that why would it make any difference, he then went on say gay people can be cured; this was in a private conversation. Channel Five Gestapo then brought him to one side and told him if he talked like that again he should be sent off. What ever happened to Free Speech? Even a gay presenter on LBC said he should be allowed say what he wants. I do not believe you can be cured from being Gay, it something you are born with in my opinion and I cannot see what your sexuality has to do with what job you have but I do not believe in same Sex Marriage or positive discrimination in any form, I also believe the Gay Community which is only 1.5% of the population have to much power and influence

My 18 year old reader believes I am  Homophobic because I question these things? Am I Homophobic when I say that their sexuality is abnormal, dictionary take on the word  Abnormal “Not typical, usual, or regular; not normal;” I do not use the word Perversion although according to dictionary I could as the dictionary for Perversion is “sexual behavior that is considered abnormal and unacceptable.” As society has now decided Homosexuality and Lesbian is acceptable it would not be the right word for Gay people but is most certainly is for Bisexuals.

It is obvious that this Young man is not sure about his own sexuality but to insult someone who has opposing views, especially when he do not check the facts is wrong. Mind you he has the advantage of being young and can learn from his mistakes.

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