Saturday, January 25, 2014

Labour/Libdems are Traitors to the British people benefits office run efficiently and fairly

The first story is about how the LibDems and Labour stopped the chance of a Referendum. What has happened to political parties listening to the people? Labour and LibDems are traitors to the people of this Country; they have the arrogance to totally ignore the electorate. What was worse it was the House of Lords that was responsible for this, Yes that unelected body deciding the future of this country.
I would say a vote for Labour and LibDem is a vote for treachery

Next article is about Benefit Street, now I was born in the 1950’s and nobody can say it  was an easy time yet I knew nobody who was on benefit all I can remember is my mother getting Child Allowance.

Although I agree with the clamp down on benefits, I do some times wonder the behavior and attitude of those who work in the benefit office. One of my Tenants who is 61 had a near fatal accident at work in January 30 2013 and since then he has been on the sick he has been to some top consultants as he has a company suing the firm. He has to have regular check ups and attend physiotherapy once a week.  Because he is incapacitated, he receives Housing Benefit, Proportion of Council Tax and £70 week. Just before Christmas he received a letter stating that he was fit to do a Desk Job and his money would be reduced to £60. This assessment was not a physical one is was done not by a Doctor but a member of staff who is not qualified in this matter and overrode the decision of a Consultant. Because he was being changed to a different benefit all his money and allowance were stopped, luckily enough I am his landlord and allowed him time for his rent to come through which was nearly 4 weeks late. Living on £70 week does not allow you to save so because of the vindictiveness of one individual in benefits he had no money for food. So he had to go to a charity Food bank to be able to eat. In Sittingbourne you have prove you have no money and then you are given a ticket and Asda delivers food. He will receive his benefit again on Monday and his Housing Benefit has been restored and backdated but why put him through this type of distress? Especially as he has been told in a few weeks he will be put back on Injury Benefit. How much has this cost the Taxpayer in paper work? Yes lets clamp down on benefits but also lets make our benefits office run efficiently and fairly

Law to guarantee EU referendum 'is a dead parrot': Labour and Lib Dem peers block Bill
    Nearly 250 peers voted to halt Bill for 2017 EU membership referendum
    Eurosceptic Bill Cash cited Monty Python sketch to mock PM-backed vote
    Means change will have to go back to Commons for further consideration
    Now no prospect of legislation passing before next Queen's Speech

Two faces of Benefits Street: No drugs, no drunks, no crime - and no foul language! Now our hard-working community's turned into a moral cesspit, say families raised  there in a prouder age
    Photographs taken of residents of James Turner Street in post-war Britain
    Location is now featured in Channel 4's Benefits Street
    Residents, almost all of whom are on benefits, shown living in squalor
    Locals say area was starkly different after the war - with a strong community spirit and work ethic

Anger as Farage calls for end to handgun ban: Ukip leader urged to visit Dunblane to understand impact of 1996 shootings
    Ban on handguns in the UK was introduced after 1996 Dunblane massacre
    Ukip leader under pressure over policies and personalities
    Councillor David Silvester blamed storms on legalising gay marriage
    Mr Farage said women who have children are 'worth less' in the City
    Dismissed 2010 manifesto as 'drivel' - but he signed the foreword

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