Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mass Wedding-Floods-wipe backside with cloth

Many things disgust me about our Celebrity Culture so there was no way I was going to watch the Grammy Awards. This Celebrities hypocrisy always amazes me, they lavish sometime Millions of Pounds on Awards ceremonies, spend Millions on Houses, expensive cars, clothes etc. then turn up on relief programmes expecting us the Public to give money. If any of these celebrities were serious about the poor in the World why do they not sell up all their expensive houses live in something more suitable for their needs, get rid of all the extra cars and give 50% of their money to Charity. Good Idea but it will not happen will it.

At the Grammy award the Sacrament of Marriage was devalued even more, we have now have Gays being allowed to marry and the latest publicity stunt is for a mass marriage of mainly Gays at an Award ceremony being married by some Celebrity called Queen Latifah who ever she is. It seem Celebrity, the wooly left, Gays and Politicians want to debase marriage as much as possible, California should hang theirs heads in shame as should  all those who wanted Gay Marriage

Here are some of the comments about this subject

If this was happening in the Phillipines, our Government would be sending millions in aid and people to help!

We can send millions to Syria but can't help our own !!

The Environment Agency like the Green Party and its supporters are a modern day curse on this country and will have us living back in caves lit by tallow candles if they have their way. The pursuit of 'savings' and daft green policies by the likes of Young and other assorted idiots have brought this mess about and the Environment Agency needs to be dismantled and control of the countryside given back to those who know what they are doing.

I agree. the GREENS and its policies have a lots to answer for. thinking they are better than nature. Many of the rules and regulations we live under here in the UK are the result of tinkering by the EU and its stupid rules. The time to get out is now. The UK was doing quite well on its own after thousands of years working with nature instead of trying to work against it.

Could YOU live without toilet paper? Meet the women who choose to wipe with a reusable piece of cloth instead

Can you imagine wiping your backside after a Curry and then sticking the cloth in your pocket, one thing is for sure I would not to be sitting next the person who has just done that

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