Monday, January 13, 2014

More Portugal - Ipad for sale

Carlos and Kim took us out again on Sunday to show us more of the real Portugal, this time it was the SouthWest of the country, taking us to Sagres and Lagos. The visit to Fortress of Sagres was extremely interesting but what was unusual was watching men fishing on the edge of the cliff. Carlos also showed us some houses with wings (can you guess what that is?)

If you are with Carlos it is not long before you taste Portuguese food our first stop was a little cafe just  outside  Lagos where I had Octopus marinated in oil, vinegar, herbs and lemon juice,  delicious this was followed by a fish sandwich. Which even Val enjoyed till I told her it was some sort of eel. Dinner was a totally different  affair, we went into a very large restaurant I had the dish of the day This consisted of pigs ear, pigs trotters, pork belly, beef, chicken, sausage an loads of over boiled vegetables. The pigs ears were rubbery tasting of nothing and why people like pigs trotters is beyond me as there is no meat on them, I am sure Carlos would have done a better job.

I would have liked to put photographs on the blog but I am using an Ipad2 which seems to incapable of doing work like a laptop . So when I return I will get on my computer at home will upload photos and SELL THIS IPAD ANY OFFERS it has a key board as well

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