Friday, January 31, 2014

Planning Gestapo-45 Weeks at School-Mr and Mrs to be banned-Marriage is a religious institution

Below is an article on a Flat Pack House, which would be ideal for a Garden where you wanted a guest room, not very big but the price is good. Every thing will be OK till you come up against the Planning Gestapo.

What nutcase came up with the idea that Kids should be in school from 9am till 6pm for 45 weeks of the year?  In the 1950’s and 1960’s we went to School from 9am till 4pm. The great majority left school at 15 able to read, write and calculate numbers WHY? Because we had good teachers, mothers who were there when we got home, discipline in School, were taught to work hard, had a daily assembly, sat in rows facing the teachers, nobody had a 3 letter word for bad behavior of for being thick and most important of all were the 3 R’s followed by History and RE.
This ridiculous idea is so parents can get out to work and Schools be babysitters a thing the Professional and Political Classes would welcome. There is a class of people in this country who believe children are just an optional extra. Work doesn’t come before your children
Here is an idea still have 12 weeks holiday a year but split into 4 holidays a year Christmas, Easter Summer and Autumn, different counties would stager holiday periods so making holidays more affordable. 
It does not say much about education system when a child leaves school at 18 in 2014 with less knowledge then I had when I left at 15 in 1965. Maybe time for Teachers and parents to do a better job?

I talked about how Politicians and left-wingers and trying desperately to break down the concept of marriage. Well the leftwing government of France will be introducing a law stating that when a man and women marry they cannot change their surname. It seems that they deem it an infringement of a women’s right to undertake to use he husbands surname. On the Radio a women feminist said this was a good idea and they will be asking the British Government to do the same, which because of the power these minority groups have it  will soon happen

I am not sure if this is true but an influential friend of mine in the states There was no marriage until religion got involved his argument is that state of marriage is a religious affair not a political affair. Something I totally agree with

Could YOU build a flatpack house? Home in a box costs just £6,500. But is it really as easy to build as an IKEA bookcase? We gave one brave dad a week to try

Schools should open from 9am to 6pm for 45 weeks a year to stop the 'summer slideback', says ex-No.10 adviser
    Long summer holidays and short working days would be scrapped
    Proposals are brainchild of Paul Kirby, PM's former policy chief
    Claims plans would slash childcare costs and boost education standards

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