Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Jean White-Apos Therapy-FaceBook

Yesterday was not the best of Days had to attend the funeral of Jean White wife of Roly White, a very old friend of the IBF and me. It was a terrible rainy day the only saving grace that it was a nice service in a beautiful historic Church Minister Abby. Jean suffered form Dementia for 11 years she is now in far better place. Amen

After the funeral I had to go to the Private Hospital at Benenden, what a terrible journey all because one road was shut for weeks. Those who know the area will know that the quickest way is going through Leeds Village and the journey is about ¾ hour because of this diversion it put an extra ½ hour on the journey.
The reason I was the hospital was to try a new treatment for my knee call Apos Therapy, just a few days ago I was told by a surgeon that I would need the other knee replaced most probably in May. S I thought I would try Apos Therapy a non surgical treatment you can read more at http://apostherapy.co.uk/en/the-treatment/our-therapy-process NOT cheap the years treatment will cost £2500
But if keeps me away from a knee replacement for a few years it will be worth dipping into my savings

Yesterday I asked for help about Facebook and it was pleasing see so many suggestion which I have taken note of.

FACEBOOK really can be an evil medium. I have been attacked on this Facebook by a family I used to know, as I do not have an individual Facebook the attacks only came to light a few days ago. People think they can go on Facebook or Twitter and say what they like whether it is truthful or not, they think they above the law of Libel or criminal law well they are not. This Family (I have not named them because of potential criminal action may be forthcoming) continue to lambast me and now other members of my club, yet when you try and mediate with them they just insult you more. So now I have reported them to Facebook, asked my solicitor to evaluate the libellous content. Have asked the Police to see me as I am told some of their comments break the law, it also suggested I contact their employer and universities to see whether they are suitable people

All I have asked for is an apology about the lies and false accusation, I do not care if they call me fat, a terrible Coach, bad letter writer etc. these are just personal opinions although I may not agree with them there is nothing illegally about that but the rest? 
Hopefully Facebook will close them down like they did with another site they were linked with

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