Monday, January 06, 2014

Facebook assassination

I was told yesterday that a women and her brood I trying to some  character assassination oh Facebook

Having looked at the items of which I have kept copies, they are right complete set of lies and fabrication, I contacted this woman via email only to be met with abuse. So what to do

1) I could reply in kind but this would perpetuate the problem
2) I could ask her employer if they can assist
3) I am told that you can reports her to Facebook but after looking it only allows to report one page, while women and her brood have made many libelous insults
4) most probably the only way  forward is to see a Solicitor
5) Could this be a hate crime

Facebook needs to be controlled better so people can not put lying allegation. Has anyone of you had this problem?

I have not used her name just in case it ends in court

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