Friday, January 17, 2014

Portuguese food

 If you go out with Carlos you eventually come on to Portuguese food and I have to say I had some marvelous meals but the best one were cooked by him and his mother. In Portugal you cook from fresh and even in small villages you will have markets with not a T shirt in sight. So first job of the day of to the locla market and then to a fish market in a larger town

Local Market

Fresh Fish

Ribs Portuguese style, you still had a lot of the belly meat still on the rib

Clams cooked in wine with garlic and lemon from the garden
 plus different types of ham, cheese and crusty bread this was a starter

Fish on the Bar B Q caught in the morning

Finished item this was served with olives, lemons and what I call a porridge cake 

Worst meal of the Holiday it was a local dish served in a restaurant it consisted of Pigs ears, Pigs Trotters, bits of old chicken, belly pork, beef, sausage over boiled cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes. Sorry Carlos this was a no go

Mountain View

Spring Water from the mountains good for the Libido  ask Carlos to bring me back 10 gallons

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