Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Double Standard-TV-Littlejohn

Can not abide Russell Brand but like me when a Normal Hetrosexual uses the word poof we are homophobic yet when homosexuals use the word it is OK, for example on the program "Jonathan Ross" there is a group calling themselves "3 poofs and a piano"
Am I the only one who has no interest in reading sport pages and switches the news of when the sport comes on? The World is now dominated by the Flat Screen where ever you go Airport, cafe, bar, hairdresser etc there is a TV most o the time showing football, how boring and frustrating is there no where you can go without seeing this thing called TV. For those who read 1984 one wonders how long before the TV looks at you?
Sorry I have had to change my comments settings, I had a load of students thught it was funny to put a raft of swear words on board. Why is it that this generation of students can not debate but would rather insult they must have a limited vocabluarary to write a swear word

Took the piece straight from the Richard Littlejohn article, my thoughts is exactly

No great surprise that the Lib Dems and Labour are having behind-closed-doors discussions on how to prevent the British people being given a referendum on Europe.That’s how they do things these days. It’s the European way. Look at the pizza-fuelled, late-night Leveson stitch-up.No surprise, either, that the malignant Peter Mandelson — a wholly owned subsidiary of Brussels — thinks we mustn’t be trusted with a vote on EU membership.Shortly after the 1997  election, Mandelson declared that the ‘era of true representative democracy’ was coming to an end.I said then he wasn’t kidding.If Labour and the Lib Dems form the next Coalition, we’ll never get a vote on our future. They’ll probably find a way of abolishing first-past-the-post general elections, too.
No change there, thenThe BBC has spent £20,000 attempting to stop licence-payers discovering the truth about its ‘climate change’ bias.It hired lawyers to fight a Freedom of Information  request about a conference for executives held to set ‘the line to take’ on global warming. The event was addressed exclusively by ‘climate change’ fanatics and influenced every aspect of the BBC’s coverage.That a publicly funded ‘impartial’ news organisation is prepared to spend our money on covering up its one-sided agenda is nothing short of a disgrace.Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2538879/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-Shoot-flying-pickets.html#ixzz2qMUa28MK Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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