Monday, January 13, 2014


I am an ardent Sherlock Holmes fan read all his books by the time I was 15 and this updated version has enthralled me, till the final episode? Sorry it was a ridiculous plot very disappointing.
Another programme I like is the Chase, what amazes me how young people have no grasp of their countries history. Question today was about the Albert Memorial and who Prince Albert was married to Answer Queen Victoria, one would have thought this was common knowledge. Yet the reply was Do Not Know, this was the response to many history questions from younger contestants but they know a lot about celebrities. Says a lot about our education system, I left School at 15 in 1965 with no bits of paper but my general knowledge of History, Geography was far better then those leaving School today and yes I could do the three R's all from a boy going to Westlands Secondary School

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