Sunday, January 12, 2014


Why is everyone making a big thing about this Mark Duggan? The man was a known Gangster here and abroad, he mixed and was friendly with jailed murderer, his family were involved with criminality, so various news reports have said. The main one for his upbringing is his mother and Aunts they should hang their heads in shame.

I see that labour, LibDem, EU Commissioners are ganging up to stop a EU referendum and their spokesman Peter Mandleson has even said the voters should not be left to make such a decision, this backed up by non elected EU Commissioners. The same Commissioners who say there is no immigration problem in the UK? Cameron may pretends to be in favour of a referendum but he like the rest of the Political Elite want the EU so they can feather their own nest. THE EU IS NOT A DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTION - IT IS DICTATORSHIP

UKIP's vile Mandela 'slave' rant exposed: Disgusting remarks made about South African president and murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence 'reveal true face of party'

This was the headline by an other so called UKIP gaffe in the DM, well read the article because it is not as straight forward as the headline suggests.

Stephen Lawrence death was a tragedy and a disgrace, the fact it took so long to bring to justice those who murdered him was an insult to British Justice. Yet time is to move on, his parents were right to campaign to get Justice but the mother especially has made it a vehicle to further he political career with the Labour Party when she accepted the labour whip in the House of Lords

You all know my opinion on that murdering Terrorists Nelson Mandela

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