Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested in his speech that we should all behave like Nelson Mandela

Rather unusual thing for Christian to say let alone an Archbishop, to behave like a man who murdered and was responsible for the murder of many innocent lives, a Man who fronted a corrupt Government that became the murder country of the World, a country that has the highest aids problems in the World and where babies are raped because they are virgins in the belief they can cure aids. We should behave like a man who never condemned violence, a man who introduce the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” yet never participated himself, the man who condemns poverty but has left countless South African poor in shanty towns more now then in Apartheid days. He along with his fellow terrorists has become very rich men at the expense of the poor.

So can you wonder why the Church of England and other dissident Churches are on the brink of collapse, when they can not abide by the 6th Commandment “thou Shall not Murder” To kill in defence of yourself, family and Country May be justified but to murder innocent people to further a cause is wrong and can not be justified. Interestingly is that the same people who condemned the IRA murders and now the murders by Islamic groups , try and justify Nelson Mandela

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