Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter to Prime Minister

Open Letter to Prime Minister Cameron

Dear Sir .

I have just reached the age of 64 and in those 64 years I have seen many changes in the UK not all for the best. One of the positive sides is the discrimination to minority groups is on the decline; one of the most discriminated was against Gay People. I have often said what a person sexuality, gender or race have to do with being the right person for the Job seems illogical  and rightly so discrimination on those factors was outlawed. Yet instead of leaving it at that various government brought in Positive Discrimination laws, this where minority groups get preferential treatment over the majority by definition this is unjust. Something various governments have done seem on the surface very fair take Civil Partnership if two Gay people want to live together they should have some protection with in Law but why was that restricted to Gay people? Why could not normal heterosexuals have a Civil Ceremony?  Why could not family members have a civil ceremony?

Now lets take same sex Marriage those in favour of this tell us it all about two people loving each other, yet the name Same Sex Marriage is not the correct name it should be Gay marriage as Brothers can not marry brother, Sisters can not marry Sister which are of the same sex Why? In times gone past close  relatives never married or had sex  because of thew the danger to the offspring. In The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill introduced into the UK parliament in 2013 specifically excluded non-consummation as a ground for the annulment of a same-sex marriage. This being the case as sex with same sex couples is not prerequisite why Not let family members marry. In a normal marriage i.e. two people of opposite sex
Throughout ecclesial and secular history and hitherto in law, both spiritual and temporal, consummation has required sexual intercourse which is ‘ordinary and complete’; that is, the penetration of a vagina by a penis.
Why is it that some  religions who allow Polygamy not recognised by the government? in fact I believe it is still illegal to be married to more the ne one person. The rush to appease a very vociferous and influential minority i.e. Gay people will lead to lot of unnecessary problems

Recently Stonewall has published a Gay Friendly Employer’s List see the article below. Once again a small minority getting preferential treatment, you may note I keep using the word minority. Pre the 2010 census Stonewall lobbied the government to include person sexuality on the census form, which they agreed to. Pre the 2010 Census the figures band about by Government was between 6% to 10% were Gay this was to justify their pro Gay rhetoric, yet when the Census was conclude the actual figure was 1.5%!
 So what of other minority groups do they get any preferential treatment NO what the government does is group everyone to together as Female or Ethnic Minority. Yet I can name two minority groups, which don’t get any preferential treatment 1) Roman Catholic are approx. 9% of the UK population, yet how many of the top 100 Gay friendly companies allow their employers to wear RC Crucifix, allow them to attend Mass on a Day of Obligation, allow them to talk about their religion? 2) Sikhs are 1.4% of the population nearly as many as the Gay population, are they allowed their traditional dress and regalia in the workplace?

So you can see Mr Cameron the Gay Pendulum has swung in the totally opposite direction in the last 50 years. 50 years Gay people were ostracised, in some cases physically beaten, their abnormal sexual behaviour was even illegal and now this 1.5% of the population has inordinate influence in Government, Government Institutions, Political Parties, Armed forces and in the work place and very much at the detriment of the vast majority. The time has come to make everyone in the UK equal
 I would like to quote the following “1 The Right to Equality
The right to equality is the right of all human beings to be equal in dignity, to be treated with respect and consideration and to participate on an equal basis with others in any area of economic, social, political, cultural or civil life. All human beings are equal before the law and have the right to equal protection and benefit of the law.” Positive Discrimination does not fit into that criterion

Martin Clarke

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