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1950-Tim Yeo-Guns

Below are a couple of interesting articles the first is about a visit to a Mosque, then read on how Children taught in this country. In the survey of 800 eight to 15-year-olds and around 1,100 parents, 29 per cent of children didn’t realise that the Nativity came from the Bible.
You may not believe in God or Christianity but you cannot escape the fact that our Morals, ethics, laws etc. are built on the Christian faith. To understand how we live you have to learn how we got where we are and why.

Interesting YouTube clip from the USA, take time to watch it. The UK has never been a country where we carried Firearms; in fact we have draconian laws where even the GB Olympic Team has to travel to Belgium to train. So with Gun Crime on the increase have the restrictions on Law Abiding Citizens owning Firearms been effective in reducing crime?

Now the mother of a girl caught smuggling drugs wants her daughter transferred from her foreign jail to the UK. Well that is OK as long as parents pay for what it cost to have her in a UK Prison

That useless MP Tim Yeo has been deselected from his local party he complains that because he supports the EU, Gay Marriage and Green Issues is the reason he was kicked out. Very true he forgot he was there to represent his constituency views not his own

A comment on one of the DM pages was:
Russia has a long way to go before it reaches the 21st century. Right now they're stuck somewhere in the 1950's.

My Reply: The 1950’s when Mothers were at home when the children got in from School. when everyone had a cooked meal, when we ate what the country produced, where children were brought up with a Mother and Father who were married,  where drugs were issued by the doctors to cure ills, where neighbours looked after each other, where there was full employment, where everyone spoke English, where people were to well behaved to be sick in the street or lay in the gutter, where the women were smartly dressed and behaved with decorum and grace, where swearing in public in front of women was frowned upon, where sex was a private matter and where would say NO because they had respect for themselves, where getting slaughtered was restricted to abattoirs.

There has been a long of good things since the 1950’s but just because something is no longer fashionable doesn't mean it is wrong
Pre-prep school is for children before the ages of seven or eight, so these are essentially first graders who are being subjected to this indoctrination and subtle proselytizing. When is their trip to a church to learn prayers in Latin or Greek (or English, for that matter)? When is their trip to a synagogue to learn prayers in Hebrew? When is their trip to a Hindu temple? Somehow I don’t think any of these trips are on the schedule.
Yet another sign of Britain’s race to surrender to Sharia: “Pupils learn how to recite prayers in Arabic on visit to Crawley mosque,” from the East Grinstead Courier and Observer, February 7:
PUPILS from a Copthorne school were taken on a cultural visit to learn about Islam at a mosque.
Year 1 and 2 pupils at Copthorne Pre-prep School learned how to recite prayers in Arabic when they took a tour of Broadfield Mosque last month.
They heard how the mosque can accommodate 2,500 people and that many of the Muslim children attend a special school at the mosque from 5pm to 7pm to learn how to read the Qu’ran.
The children were shown how Muslims pray and were allowed to join in themselves if they wanted to.
The Year 1 pupils have also separately learnt about Chinese
New Year.

In the survey of 800 eight to 15-year-olds and around 1,100 parents, 29 per cent of children didn’t realise that the Nativity came from the Bible.
One in five (20 per cent) didn’t identify Noah’s Ark as a religious story and 19 per cent didn’t recognise Adam and Eve.
But almost one in 10 (9 per cent) incorrectly though that the stories of King Midas and Icarus came from the Bible, while 6 per cent thought the story of Hercules was contained in the book.
Nearly a quarter of children (23 per cent) had never read, seen or heard Noah’s Ark, along with 25% for the Nativity, 38% for Adam and Eve and 43% for the Crucifixion.
And parents did not fare much better. Nearly half of those questioned (46 per cent) failed to recognise Noah's Ark as a Bible story, while around a third were unsure of or did not recognise the tales of David and Goliath (31 per cent) and Adam and Eve (30 per cent).
Adults also confused modern day literature with the Bible. 34 per cent thought a Harry Potter plot line might be a Biblical narrative, while 54 per cent said the same about the Hunger Games.
The report found that almost half (43%) of parents whose children had seen, heard or read Bible stories said it was important for a child to do so because these tales provided good values, while two in five (40%) thought these stories were important to our history and culture.
Three in 10 (30%) said it was important to ensure that classic stories and books were passed on to future generations.
It also revealed that over a quarter of children (28%) said they would like to read, hear or see more Bible stories.

Drug mule's plea for UK move in bid to escape Peruvian jail after cocaine conviction
    Melissa Reid and a friend were caught in Lima with 11kg of cocaine

Tory Party is dominated by members with 'extreme' views on Europe, gay marriage and green policies, says ousted MP
·       Tim Yeo was de-selected by his local constituency in Suffolk this week
·       Blames his defeat on Right-wing views of Conservative activists and hits out at Eurosceptic backbenchers

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