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I am not a great believer in the Opening Ceremony of any Olympic Games as they are just propaganda for the Country hosting the event. This year in Sochi was no different to London Olympics both left out important parts of the history and twisted facts to suit the organiser?  Yet I did watch parts of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics and was impressed it was as good as the London Olympics if not better.
It came as no surprise though that the Media was doing their best to criticise the event, if you looked at the DM today you would have thought the whole place was falling down, yet yesterday morning on Radio 4 athletes were being interviewed and they said the facilities were tremendous. The latter do not have an agenda so I would rather think they are being truthful.
The Pink Mafia and their followers were out in force trying their best to ruin the event for everyone including Gay Athletes and Officials. They must have been really upset when part of the displayed showed couples (men marrying women what an innovation) getting married and then pushing prams together promoting marriage and having children in marriage. This was a rather unique idea maybe it will catch on in GB
Mind you there was one article which suggested the event was financed by Corrupt money and it even suggested Mafia money was used, this I believe is not so far fetched.

Billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money has poured abroad to help those affected by flooding.
The Government has set up the International Climate Fund, which will give £3.87billion over five years to help developing countries ‘mitigate and adapt to climate change’. 
In contrast, dredging the Somerset Levels would cost £4.5million.
Britain has given nearly £1.2million to the World Bank’s flood prevention and control scheme, and spent £941,000 on its ‘site preservation’ work.British taxpayers contributed a further £986,000 on protecting the biosphere in developing countries.
A further £115million has been spent on preventing floods and other disasters in developing countries. The Government has also donated millions for disaster recovery following particular floods abroad, including £42.5million to aid agencies in Pakistan following floods in 2011.
The Department for International Development earmarked £75million for the Bangladesh climate change programme in 2008.
When Mozambique was hit by floods in 2000, the Labour government gave £12million extra in aid and dispatched Royal Navy Sea-King helicopters to deliver aid in relief camps.
A C-17 military plane was sent to Colombia when it was hit by floods in 2011, carrying 400 aid boxes.
The International Climate Fund has spent nearly £80million helping Indonesia, Ghana and others tackle deforestation problems.
It has also sent £4.3million to countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Niger to help them study weather forecasts better and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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