Friday, February 21, 2014


I do not understand fully what is happening in the Ukraine but it seems the Western Press are siding with the rioters because some of them have been shot. What do you expect when you throw bricks, Molotov Cocktails and fire Guns at the Security forces? It seem the elected Government did not want to join the EU (a sensible decision in my opinion) but the opposition with some supporters did hence the rioting. One has to ask the question were the EU and USA instigators of this?

Syria goes from bad to worse but I can not help wondering if the USA and UK could not have prevented this. When the revolution started the USA and UK supported the rebels thinking it would be like the rest of the Arab Spring over in a short period of time with the West's enemy the Syrian Government being defeated and a pro USA-UK Government installed. This has not happened on the contrary great sweeps of the Country is in the hands of Al Qaeda the World greatest evil terrorists organisation and Cameron and Obama wanted to support them with military aid?  These areas under their control are murdering the local for such trivial offences, as log into Facebook, many of these killers are from the UK you can imagine what they will do when they return. Under the Syrian Regime even though it was a dictatorship there was a lot more freedom then under these fanatics at least Syrians had the right to choose their religion. Christians are being massacred by rebel forces and nothing is done you very rarely see an article in the news. The UN should have talked and persuaded Syria and its allies to move to a more democratic state instead they condemned them, as a direct result there is carnage even if the rebels win, which I doubt, they will not bring Democracy they will impose an undemocratic Islamic state

You must read this article and tell me You do not agree with it

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