Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A couple of days ago Immigration Minister Mark Harper resigned, he had employed an illegal worker who gave him false documents. Not really his fault but he felt that he should have checked harder, he done the honourable thing and resigned. Hopefully he will become a minster again because Politics need honourable men and not the shysters we have now.
The floods we have throughout the South are of course are natural disaster but they are also a Governmental Disgrace and do you see any of them resign NO
We have Lord Smith an ex Labour MP who is in charge of the Environment Agency a Government Quangos who tells us that he and his organisation has done nothing wrong and what was the first thing the left wing press said about him was that he was the first MP to come out as Gay! WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH THE FLOODS? He should resign or be sacked for doing a useless job. Him and his Green buddies put a Bird sanctuary before the people, plus this idiot is a member of 9 other Quangos. He must earn Hundreds of Thousands not bad for a Socialist. Eric Pickles MP a man I had a lot of time for but when said helping buying Wind Turbines in Africa would help stop the floods! I thought here is another idiot who has lost the plot Resign.
The one that must go is DAVID CAMERON he must be one of the worst Prime Ministers going, He and his Posh School Mates on the Cabinet have lost all concept of the ordinary man in the street and his refusal to take some of the money from Overseas aid is a disgrace and to say we are a very rich Country is a joke. He and his millionaire mate’s maybe but the average person is not.

I am lucky in that I have a good independently minded Conservative MP in Gordon Henderson who I will vote for in the next election but to think our choice of Prime Minister in the next Government is either CAMERON or MILLIBAND leaves me in despair, this country needs another Maggie or Winston

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