Monday, February 24, 2014

New Cinema

I am led to believe we are to have a new Cinema on the Car Park opposite the Station where the Market is held. This seems a very strange place to put a Multiplex unless it is going to be a replica of the Odeon? If there is to be sufficient Parking the Cinema must be very small?

Seems SBC wants to put the Market in the lower part of the High Street much to the dismay of the Local Shop Keepers, why not use East Street not many people will be affected by that and it may add a bit colour to the rather drab end of the Town

Marcella and Martin she has been very ill lately but is on the road to recovery

A very poor Photo of me and Brenda Simpson with PM John Major at No 10 I wasDeputy Chairman of the Local Conservative Party at the time it is about 1992

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