Saturday, February 01, 2014

BBC Bias Again

You may say Martin is on about Gays and the BBC again, well yes I am because once again the BBC have shown bias and unequal reporting.

On the Today programme their was an article about Sochi Olympics and Gay people but the twist was that they were talking about the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta USA and how that Gay Militants managed to get the Volley Ball tournament taken away from Cobb County Georgia. It seems a resident wrote a commissioner to complain about references to homosexuality in a play at Theatre in the Square, the commissioners passed a resolution supporting "the traditional family structure" and condemning "the life styles advocated by the gay community" as incompatible with Cobb County standards.
Now this was upsetting for the gay militants and they went into action and had the event moved, So much for the democratic process and allowing people to have freedom of speech. Now the statement by the Commissioners was not a law it just said they did not agree with gay community lifestyle it do not say ban Gays etc.
One of the things said by someone called Lynn may was that it would be a shame that Lesbians could not go and see their partners in the Volley Ball? No one was banned because of his or her sexual preference going to Cobb County and since when does person sexuality come in to being chosen to compete in the Olympics? Did the BBC allow someone from Cobb County come on to put his or her side of the story NO.
Once again it shows the power of these people with abnormal sexual desires have over the majority. In the USA it is said there is 3.5% of the population is Gay and in the UK it is 1.5% such a small minority with so much power and influence.

My main argument is the Bias of the BBC they seem to have a left wing agenda and very rarely give the facts from opposing views to their own below is a report from “Migration Watch” and they also mention the BBC Bias. If there was a commercial station with the same format as Radio 4 I would automatically change station but sadly there is not, it is time the Taxpayers stopped funding the BBC

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