Sunday, February 02, 2014

BBC-Vote Conservative or UKIP to get a referendum

It is not just me who is moaning about the BBC look at these two articles time for the BBC to go private and to stop sucking the Taxpayer dry.

So Labour along with their LibDems friends have voted out the proposal for a Referendum on Europe. Sorry to say the only way to get a Referendum is to vote Conservative or UKIP. My suggestion for next Election if you have Conservative MP vote for them, if you have a Conservative who was in second place at the last election vote Conservative, if you have a LibDem MP with Labour in second place vote UKIP, If you have a Labour MP with LibDem in second place vote UKIP. This not because I am happy with Cameron far from it but the more important issue is our withdrawal from Europe

Change the Voting system to where if you do not get over 50% of the vote cast, the top two go into election tie breaker

PETER HITCHENS: The BBC just loves swearing - until it gets a dose of its own @!X*! medicine

No gays in Sochi? Wrong, Mr Mayor (... And, no, we are NOT the only gays in the Olympic Village)
    Sochi is host to several well-known gay clubs and a gay-friendly hotel
    Locals say there are many gays in the city, more than elsewhere in Russia
    Source in the mayor's office says his comments were taken out of context

BBC under fire for sending 95 staff to the Winter Olympics... TWICE the number who are competing for Team GB
    The BBC is sending 95 staff to cover Sochi Winter Olympics
    Number is nearly double that of GB athletes competing
    It is also 21 more than were sent to cover Vancouver 2010 games
    The corporation has been accused of having 'money to burn'

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